● NATCON 2016 - 35TH Annual National Conference & Exhibition at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Welcome to NIPM

NIPM, the short form of the National Institute of Personnel Management, is the only all-India body of professional managers engaged in the profession of personnel management, industrial relations, labour welfare, training and HRD in the country. It came into existence in March 1980 as a result of merger of two professional institutions, namely the Indian Institute of Personnel Management (IIPM) established in 1948 in Kolkata and the National Institute of Labour Management (NILM) established in 1950 in Bombay,now Mumbai.

With its National Office at Kolkata, NIPM has a total membership of  about 8,000 spread over  50 Chapters all over the country.

NIPM is a non-profit making body devoted to the development of skill and expertise of the professionals engaged in the management of human resources through regular lecture, meetings, seminars, training courses, conferences and publication in its chapters all over the country.


NIPM Chapters (with Events, Seminars & Trainings)