NIPM Events


(Date: 04-12-2019)

Southern Regional Conference (SRC) is a prestigious annual event organized by the Southern Region, one among the five regions of the NIPM that functionally covers industrial and business organizations in the geographical area of South India. The Kerala chapter is one among the 15 chapters coming under the Southern Region and has been given the mantle of organizing the conference this year. The two-day conference is aimed at bringing together business and HR leaders of the country and deliberating upon the ensuing issues that HR could face in the years to come considering the drastic pace of changes happening in the world of business and the possible ramifications in store for the profession of HR and HR professionals. For the Conference 2019, the main theme identified is Industry 4.0 and Future of HR, after an intellectual exercise of thorough researching and discussions by the technical team. There are five sub themes also decided on in order to have a deeper exploration of the thought processes, exchanges of ideas, creation of new knowledge and dissemination of the same. The conference also aims at facilitating networking of professionals, maintenance of continued rapport and collective learning among the HR professionals.