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Somesh Dasgupta

The extent of 'Ease of doing Business' is what makes a country an attractive destination for investment. Success of the ‘Make in India’ movement also hinges on the same. Ease of doing business in India is generally construed as something to do with easing out provisions of labour and environmental laws, developing infrastructure, removing entry barriers, tax concessions etc. In fact, ‘Make in India’ movement is more to do with leveraging people potential available in the country. This calls for HR profession and Professional organizations to play a vital role at macro level to make the country an attractive destination. HRM professional organizations in India should respond to the call of the Nation by developing critical People Capabilities for business, changing Culture, nurturing strong Work Ethics & Values and raising the bar of excellence for People Process Quality in the Country. These entail a paradigm shift in professional programmes,segmentation of audience, HR innovation, leveraging technology, HR Research & Development, networking for synergy, international collaborations etc. by such professional bodies.